Freckle Friday: Giving credit where credit is due...

Last week, Owen was asked to give a speech to about 80+ staff members at our school district's back to school breakfast. He was more excited than I thought he'd be to get up early and address a large audience. He worked hard planning and writing the speech. Then he practiced in front of anyone that would listen...including the frog.  His hard work paid off; he did a great job welcoming and inspiring our teachers. He thinks, he may have made our new administrator cry. (Watch him in the background, and see for yourself.)  I know I cry every time I watch it. I'm so proud of him.

I'd love to say Trevor & I are the only influences that made him such a sweet, intelligent and poised boy, but his words are true...his "teachers' positive energy" had a little something to do with it.  What he doesn't learn in The Compound he learns from the wonderful teachers in our district. Yes, I'm a partner in this guy's education, but for 8 hours of those 180 school days, I'm the silent partner.

So the extreme pride I have for this up and coming public speaker, I hope his teachers feel too!  To Miss Cindy, Miss Julie, Mrs. Busch, Mrs. Heins, Mrs. Roberts, Mrs. Weigel, Mrs. Radtke, and soon to be Mrs. Grimm, he is the kid he is today, because you played a part in his life. I know that, and I'm happy to share some of the credit with you. I'm not forgetting all the special's teachers, support staff, summer school teachers, and other school staff either...you are all responsible for his success too!

That said, you're all due to chip in for his college tuition, and it's looking Ivy League -- so you better start saving your pennies! ;)

Have a great weekend.  See you at school on Tuesday!



  1. Excellent post! Owen is an amazing kid, and I really enjoyed hearing his speech. He did great! I know that had to take major guts to stand up in front of a crowd and talk! I also want to say how much I appreciate this post. It's so refreshing to hear positive things said about teachers when in today's political climate all you seem to hear is teacher bashing! Thank you for something different!

  2. You're welcome! I commend you and everyone else for their continued desire to become teachers. We need strong people to get us through the tough times ahead. I firmly believe though that people will come around, and figure out/remember just how important teachers are to our country's success.

    Have a great semester.


  3. Owen did a fantastic job and his speech made my eyes well up with tears. His speech was one of many that touched me and I was amazed by the students of Mineral Point and the impact their teachers have had on them. I am most fortunate to be part of this wonderful community and staff.

    Thank you Owen for a job well done!

    Luke Francois
    District Administrator

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