Freckle Friday: Nathan Lane's screams are the soundtrack to my nightmares...

I'm tired of The Compound. 

Currently, the tall yellow house in The Compound is a modern day version of this place....

Do you recognize this house?

No? Maybe one of these photos will jog your memory...

Every fall we find some of these nasty little creatures trying to shack up with us.  We typically put traps with peanut butter out for a couple of night in a row, get 2 or 3 mice and don't have any other problems.

Well, this year, the rodents have raised the stakes.  Seriously, The Compound has mutant, mind-reading, medical school mice!  They are tap dancing around the traps, predicting every move of our poison and leaving trails of poop that spell things like SUCKER and NICE TRY DOUCHE!  

Just when we think we've seen the last of them, they leave new poop in a new place, and we start the madness all over again!

The worst part of this ordeal - Trevor was gone for 5 days of the mouse spottings. On Sunday I had a small stroke, when I opened a kitchen drawer and a mouse lunged at me. Yes, I know for sure it was a lunge. I'm well aware of exercise formations because if I wasn't I wouldn't know how to accurately and completely avoid them, alright!

 Having no husband in The Compound, I was forced to hire a local (right-winged, woman-hating) exterminator.  I think the mice were probably in the cupboard laughing their furry asses off, that Miss federally grant funded paycheck recipient and Miss women's lib lady had to listen to this dude.

See I told you these mice are crazy smart.  They understand the direction of my moral compass! 

If it sounds like I'm freaking out, it's because I am FREAKING out.  Christopher Walken was at our house I Sunday, and still this morning on Freckle Friday...this appears on the counter!

So goodbye Compound, I'm leaving for the weekend. I'm gonna do some shopping, take a bunch of beautiful pictures, and hang out on the shore of Lake Michigan.  I'm gonna catch up with a friend, learn from an amazing photographer and allow my brain to enjoy some mouse free thoughts.

If the mice are not completely gone by the time I'm back- then you're all invited out on Sunday night for
The Compound's 1st Annual Marshmallow Roast.

Bring a long poker...it's gonna get pretty hot!


  1. Hahahahaha!

    We had that problem when I was growing up. I don't remember what we did to get rid of it, but I do know that it was gross.


    Where on Lake Michigan are you giong to be?

  2. I'm shooting a wedding in Sheboygan.

  3. OMG Julie too funny! I remember growing up in the country and the damn mice would come up through the burners on the stove and just look at us! We as kids would run through the house screaming. Of course mom would just say "Oh it's just a little mouse"! Well maybe to her! Then we had this old tom cat and the only time he would want to come in the house is when he had a "gift" for us. Usually it wasn't dead so he would drop it and chase it around the house. Ahh, the fond memories of childhood! Thanks for reminding me!

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