"A lifetime. That's what we have."

Monday I read about Anna, a blogger, who recently lost her 12 year old son in a tragic accident. I, like hundreds of women bloggers connected through Blogher, Twitter, and Triberr, went to her blog to leave my condolences. When I arrived at her page, I saw her beautiful boy and her recent posts and again my heart sank. I realized my ties with Anna don’t end with just being bloggers. We have a boy & a girl 3 years apart. She blogs things like the first day of school photos. She ponders life’s goofy questions to her readers: Do I read the US Weekly magazines found in the beach house bathroom? 

Her life until just days ago was so much like mine, but now she’s in the middle of a terrible nightmare.  A nightmare, most of us are lucky enough to completely avoid.

I try hard everyday to be grateful, present and in awe of my mundane yet extraordinary life. Some days I do better than others. Let’s me be honest, some days I fail miserably, but I try. Reading about this lovely little family, who without reason or warning were dealt a devastating hand, makes me want to try HARDER. Seriously, I want to tattoo a reminder on my forehead: Enjoy today, Fondly remember yesterday, and Soak it all in! We have NO idea what tomorrow will hold so EMBRACE LIFE when you can. Love your kids, love your family, love your neighbor...love yourself.

E.B. White’s wise spider says it best as she passed away: 
“How very special are we...for just a moment...to be...part of life's...eternal...rhyme.” 

Charlotte was lucky, she had an entire lifetime to come to this realization. I hope we all have the experience Charlotte had - to live a wonderful, full life helping and teaching others to live their best life. And then, when it’s time, be able to leave this earth with peace and enlightenment.

 Not everyone is as lucky as Charlotte, the time to live life, help others, and find peace is now. A lifetime doesn't always mean a longtime - so do it now!

But first go here and leave a message for Anna and her family. Send them love, prayers and peace for the loss of their sweet son, Jake.