22 Things I've Totally Done {Writer's Workshop Wednesday}

I’m 34 and I Have...

1. Spent 2 years of my life breastfeeding babies.
I'm calling bullshit on this woman ever breastfeeding a baby...just sayin'
2. Ran a half marathon.
3. Embraced my culture.
4. Forgiven my parents.
5. Swam in the Blue Lagoon.
6. Been to Mexico.
7. Had a crush on a werewolf.
8. Photographed a wedding.
9. Started a group (now a page) on Facebook called P.W.T.P.S.B.A.C.L.S.B.H.O.A.C
10. Been whitewater rafting on the Arkansas River.
11. Driven an ’82 Dodge Omni.
12. Been to New Orleans.
13. Danced in a cage.
14. Stolen a gnome from someone’s yard.
15. Taken a stand.
16. Been on the Chancellors’ List.
17. Gotten a speeding ticket while driving children in my Head Start van.
18. Been to Auschwitz.
19. Held hands with my dying grandfather.
20. Held my son at gun point for a cup of coffee.
21. Fallen in love with a girl named Aurora.

22. Blogged about a lot of stuff.

Thanks to Mama Kat's wonderful writer's workshop...Check her out!


  1. Love these and I feel even closer to you knowing we've done so many of the same things. I too have danced in a cage and love a werewolf. Actually I love two. There's also Alcide from True Blood. If you don't watch the show http://bit.ly/rKghon is a headshot. Google the beautifulness that is Joe Manganiello.

  2. Here from Mama Kat's... That breastfeeding picture is FUNNY! Great list!

  3. This is a great post. I love your list! I forgot about white water rafting! I've done that, too. :) Thanks for sharing yours. I'm curious and will definitely read some of your links, too.

  4. Great list! I love reading all the things that people have done. I've always wanted to go to New Orleans, but never made it there.

  5. I didn't know that you snapped that pic of me when I was feeding the baby. . .

  6. So many things struck me here- how full, how colorful, how embracing you are. So loved the culture one- a lot.

  7. How exciting! Especially the "danced in a cage" part....that needs to go on my bucket list at some point :)

    Just here via Mama Kat!

  8. Great list! I'd love to see New Orleans one day. And yes, something about that breastfeeding photo screams out 'not genuine'.

  9. I think the most intriguing to me is "danced in a cage", and I'm not sure what that says about me. LOL
    New Orleans is on my bucket list...I want to experience Mardi Gras!
    Visiting from Mama Kats, loved your list!

  10. What a great a list! And I agree about that woman 'breastfeeding'.

  11. A werewolf, eh? Then I guess you don't want to hear that my 3 yr old wants to be a "Fancy Vampire" for Halloween?!

  12. You've stolen a gnome?! That's hilarious/awesome!!:)

  13. Gotta love the werewolf with the bazillion abs! I would like to hear the dancing in the cage story and I joined your group...my boss used to send letters but not for christmas, she's Jewish so I guess it was a seasonal thing?

  14. I'm also calling bullshit on that being her actual body. That photo looks ridiculously photoshopped. What an experience it must have been to go to Auschwitz.

  15. Stolen a gnome, I've swipped a pink flamingo.
    Love the caption under the breastfeeding pic too!

  16. Great list! The gnome made me laugh (my toddler just broke our neighbor's last week). Plus, I followed that wedding link - you have an amazing eye for photography! Thanks for dropping by my list as well! :-)

  17. Droppin by from Mama Kat's - I definitly need to check out some of those links! Coffee by gunpoint! Love it

  18. AWESOME... Ive driven a 79 Dodge Omni! Never thought Id see that on a list :) great to get to know you!

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