22 Things I've Totally Done {Writer's Workshop Wednesday}

I’m 34 and I Have...

1. Spent 2 years of my life breastfeeding babies.
I'm calling bullshit on this woman ever breastfeeding a baby...just sayin'
2. Ran a half marathon.
3. Embraced my culture.
4. Forgiven my parents.
5. Swam in the Blue Lagoon.
6. Been to Mexico.
7. Had a crush on a werewolf.
8. Photographed a wedding.
9. Started a group (now a page) on Facebook called P.W.T.P.S.B.A.C.L.S.B.H.O.A.C
10. Been whitewater rafting on the Arkansas River.
11. Driven an ’82 Dodge Omni.
12. Been to New Orleans.
13. Danced in a cage.
14. Stolen a gnome from someone’s yard.
15. Taken a stand.
16. Been on the Chancellors’ List.
17. Gotten a speeding ticket while driving children in my Head Start van.
18. Been to Auschwitz.
19. Held hands with my dying grandfather.
20. Held my son at gun point for a cup of coffee.
21. Fallen in love with a girl named Aurora.

22. Blogged about a lot of stuff.

Thanks to Mama Kat's wonderful writer's workshop...Check her out!