22 Things I've Never Done {Writer's Workshop Wednesday}

I'm 34 years old. 

And I've never...

1.  Milked a cow.

2.  Smoked.

3.  Told the truth about my weight on my driver's license.

4.  Reconciled my checkbook

5. Been to a Disney theme park.

6. Made out with a girl.

7. Been to California.

8. Challenged anyone to an arm wrestling match.

9. Skinny dipped.

10. Bathed a cat.

11. Gotten an A in math class.

12. Been to Russia.

13. Gotten a tattoo.

14. Punched a kid wearing glasses.

15. Been on a blind date.

16. Farted in an elevator.

17. Caught a foul ball.

18. Cried over spilled milk.

19. Colored my hair blonde.

20. Taken my kids to a Build-a-Bear workshop.
21. Drank Vodka on the rocks.

22. Done “it” in the kitchen.

Thanks to Mama Kat's wonderful writer's workshop...Check her out!