Freckle Friday...The hoarders in The Compound

Since we started to stream Netflix a couple of months ago, we've been introduced to a variety of new T.V. shows.  Don't even get me started on my obsession with MadMen

Ohh...Don Draper take me away!

Anyway, one of Trevor & my favorites is Hoarders.  I feel sad for the poor people struggling with this terrible, debilitating disorder, but at the same time, I cannot stop watching!

Probably because The Compound usually looks spotlessly clean when you compare it to the crap holes these crazies are living in. Like the lady who thought she had "about 25 cats" in her house, but then when Animal Control revealed the final tally...they found 76 cats. And only 41 were still alive! Shit like that, makes my pile of dirty laundry look like a lovely Fabergé egg, perfectly placed in the middle of the laundry room floor. 

However, I also get freaked out when I see my children's bedrooms. They are soon to be hoarders, I'm sure!  They hold on to all kinds of trinkety stuff. McDonald's happy meal toys, spider rings from Halloween--thanks anti-sugar parents:(, toys from the dentist for having no cavities--thanks anti-sugar parents:), and other garbage like birthday party favors, bouncy balls and most recently...a slap bracelet from a school fundraiser.  

But it's a new tie-dye slap bracelet and she's a little girl, right?! 
I know you're all thinking, "Come on Julie, stop being a pain in the ass about this stuff. Kids will be kids." Yeah, about that...keep on reading!

The same day I heard this story on the radio, Sophia brought this piece of crap jewelry home.  I laughed and when I thought Sophia was out of ear shot, I told Trevor about the story. A few minutes later, Sophia comes out of the other room with a scissors and a cut open bracelet, and a look of disappointment. When I asked why she cut it, she flat out said, "I wanted to see if there were naked ladies, like you told Daddy."  

Awesome! Clearly NOT out of ear shot.

I said, "Well, throw it away, you ruined your bracelet." She sasses back, "I didn't ruin it. It still works." as she slapped it on her tiny wrist. 

I said, ('cause I'm Mother of the Year) "Sophia, it looks stupid with the big hole in it. Throw it away!"  Walking away from me, she responds "No - I'm keeping it, I'll put it in my room."

  "Good! Keep it." I snap back sarcastically. 

Someday, we can use it to dress up one of the cat carcasses Animal Control will surely find decaying in your room, Sicko!