Freckle Friday | Late Start Friday = Liver Damage

Once a month our school district has late start Fridays.  The administration and teachers use this time for professional development and team meetings that just can't happen with children at school. This time is valuable for the district to keep our, already great, teachers at their best. 

What happens at our house on late start Fridays isn't quite as positive!

My kids usually sleep in a little...which for Owen means he stays in bed until at least 6:10 am. Then he comes in our bedroom to snuggle with his Mommy and watch a relaxing horrifying episode of Spongebob Squarepants Dual Survival. His expert commentary about the snakes or alligators the two lunatic hosts are about to eat, which registers 180dBs on the Decibel (Loudness) Comparison Chart, usually wakes Sophia about 5 minutes later. Sophia enters the bed all snuggly and adorable.  

However, within two minutes the kids go from...


Late start Fridays along with most weekends, evenings, car trips, basically anytime the kids have free time together, give us the exact same behavior.  Snuggling turns to playful wrestling...which turns into a Greco-Roman match...which leads to one of them crying, the other one whining and the whole scenario ultimately ends with me headed to the liquor cabinet at 8:16am.

I wish I was joking...so does my liver.