I ♥ UWP {Writer's Workshop Wednesday}

This only slightly works for writing prompt #5 (write a love letter to an inanimate object) from Mama Kat, but it's what I felt like writing today so there....

I love.

About 3 times in the last week, I've been reminded of my UWP & Me blog from a couple of years ago. Last week, I actually had a girl who I'd never met say, "Oh you're a blogger. Yeah, I don't read many blogs; I used to read a blog written by a lady who went back to college, but she stopped going to school. She was really funny."  I was all like..."Hey, that was ME!"

I, too, miss the UWP & Me blog.  I loved going to school! But as much as I loved learning new things in class, I really loved the constant reminder that living is learning too! Going back to school, helped my realize I didn't need a degree to do great things.

These are some of my favorite posts from UWP & Me. Enjoy! 

But apparently, I need to be going to school to get inspired to write funny things!  Anyone feel like paying my tuition?!

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