Freckle Friday | Missing The Shot

More than anything in the world, I love taking photographs of my life as Owen & Sophia’s mother. Typically, I take photos of them daily. I don’t always post the photos, or keep them at all, but I take photos anyway. I grab the camera when they are playing, fighting & laughing. I snap shots of them working on for school projects, something crazy they are wearing that day or just them...being the most beautiful creatures ever born.


However, this time of year, when I’m crazy busy being Julie Stephenson the Photographer, Julie Stephenson the Momtographer, gets a little annoyed. I’m more likely to have the wrong lens attached or a full memory card in my camera and by the time I do the old switcheroo - Owen is out of the trunk and the moment has past.  

That’s right, yesterday I looked out to see the car’s trunk open and only Owen’s legs sticking out. He was reaching for something that had rolled all the way to the front of the trunk...it was a perfect moment and I missed it because my card was full. Darn it! 

I understand, this is the busy season and one missed shot is not the end of the world, but I also know that while I stress out and pack my time making other families’ beautiful Christmas cards with beautiful photos, I’m missing life here at The Compound. The life I bought my first camera, years & years ago, to document.  I didn’t buy a camera with the intent to become a photographer one day.  I intended to be the best Mom I could, and I wanted to make sure to capture all the details that beautify our life.  Julie Stephenson Photography came to life as a spinoff of my work as a Momtographer, and that role will always be the most important!