In 1 month's time {Writer's Workshop Wednesday}

Once again I'm joining Mama Kat from Mama's Losin' It for her weekly writing prompt. 
I'm trying prompt #3 - Write a post in just 8 lines.(inspired by Mommy Nani Boo Boo)

Freedom, flexibility, frequently meeting for coffee.
Offers, opportunities, ongoing paychecks promised.
Choices, chances, changes...

Will I get bored? Will I get busy? Will there be drama?
Will I meet new people? Will I leave my comfort zone? Will I help someone? 
These are the questions, the concerns, the challenges…

Go with your gut, Follow your heart, Listen to your inner voice.
I wonder what November has in store?

Check out Mama Kat's writer's workshop...


  1. I'm looking forward to November too! You never know what the month will bring!

  2. The inner voice is oh so wise...I wish I actually listened to mine more often! :) Cheers to a great November!


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