2011 #1 Trend To Forget About {Writer's Worksop Wednesday}

Tonight I am pulling from one of Mama Kat's weekly writing prompts. 

I chose #2 - Top Trends of 2011 That I Want To Forget.  

Here's the deal, we don't have TV in our house. We have television sets & stuff, but we stream Netflix, instead of paying for cable TV. The great thing about that, besides the price, is that we see NO commercials, NO news channels and NO reality TV shows. Not having Stephen Colbert & John Stewart is only manageable because the Kardashians Sisters & Tori Spelling disappear right along with them. But it is hard to keep up on the latest trends without TV shows & commercials.

Luckily, I have one issue with a certain fad that I've noticed a lot lately when I venture out of The Compound....
Fake Eyelashes

I am not talking about the lovely brides who want to enhance their princess for a day feeling. I'm talking about the 16 year old sandwich artist at Subway. The girl whose eyelashes were so wildly excessive it looked like there was a Daddy Long Leg orgy in progress on her fricking eyelids. Not cute Tammy Faye, now get me a 6" club on honey oat!

Even once possible Presidential candidate Michele Bachmann has fallen victim to this annoying trend. Maybe now that her campaign is over she can focus on another craze hitting the streets....umm, let's see equal rights perhaps.  
What a great role model you are for our daughters, Miss Family Values! Guess what girls, you might even get to run for President of the United States someday, and the best way to make that happen is make yourself up like a hooker. 

Check out Mama Kat
Mama’s Losin’ It


  1. First of all, I'm blown away that you don't have tv. You are brave and impressive. Second, amen to both the lashes and Michelle Bachmann in general.

  2. We don't have cable either and also stream Netflix (and DVR network shows). It's fabulous.

    We have stopped watching TV during the week altogether.

    Somehow, sadly, Michelle Bachmann still wormed her way into our consciousness. Fake lashes and all.

    Can I get a round of applause that she's officially done in the election?

  3. Hillarious post. I'm with you on every. single. thing. (well - except that we have cable.) but the rest.. I'm in 100% agreement.

  4. So first-No TV? I totally admit to being a TV addict. I don't know what I'd do without my big HD tv and DVR (which is the only way I can feed my addiction).
    Second-I agree! Celebs with false lashes I understand a bit. But us regular people? It's too much upkeep for me. There are days I don't even get a shower! Although, on those days, my lashes would still look great! I do agree, tho.

    Nice new header, btw!

  5. I wish we could go without TV, really I do (I suppose we could if we actually wanted to). For now, we just have two: one in our bedroom and one in the basement. There is no TV viewing for children during the school week and if it's above 40 on the weekend, you have to go outside awhile before the TV comes on. And do your homework. Oh, help me with this laundry first, because seriously, the TV will still be there.

    That said, COME OOOOOOOOOOOOOOON with these lashes! I don't mean to stare, but I sometimes wonder how they're able to keep their eyes open. it's like black felt! They look like rejected muppets. I don't get it.

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