Freckle Friday | Weird Wisconsin Weather & the Cold Hard Facts.

 Let me start off by saying, when the whitest thing laying on the ground the first week of January is a pile of decaying coyote poop, sometime crazy is going on with the weather.

I’m not complaining at all. After school today the kids and I had plenty of time to throw on a sweatshirt...yes, just a sweatshirt and take a little stroll to the pond. Usually the pond is frozen with inch after inch of solid ice. This year, it looks like this. So of course, I let my kids walk on it. 

 I stayed the hell away from it because my current weight situation is such that I should probably not walk on reinforced concrete let alone thin ice...but that’s whole ‘notha blog post...plus about 10 pounds. 

We enjoyed the weird winter weather while chatting about Owen's recent Geography bee, Sophia's upcoming dance class and my upcoming diet plan...not really, but this photo of me with both of my  children & both of my chins is just another harsh dose of "Get Your Larger Than Life Ass In Gear" reality. 

This photo is a perfect metaphor of how I've been handling this weight issue of mine.  Out of focus.   I'm miserable at this weight, I'm out of shape worse than ever, but I don't take the time or energy to put the focal points on me. I just keep living in the blur.