Spring Break Shopping at Goodwill

The kids and I spent a little quality time at my favorite store yesterday. If you aren't familiar with my favorite store, check out where I buy baby gifts and exercise equipment. We were doing some summer shopping, as a way to shake some of the winter off us (that means dry skin flakes) and to gear us up for our upcoming spring break trip to Texas.

We had pretty good luck. Owen found some Nike swim trunks. Sophia found a pair of pink Nike athletic shorts, and a cute butterfly tank. Owen got a book, I found a sweatshirt & we finally have a new Chinese Checkers board. 

I persuaded Sophia to buy, these Lands' End clogs, because I thought they were adorable...until I heard the racket they create as she tromps around our hardwood floors. Maybe I should return them....

I've never thought, too seriously, of returning anything from Goodwill before, because I always wondered..."Really, who does that?!" I happily admit to being frugal & I love to shop at Goodwill, but to return items? That might be pushing it to just plain cheap & annoying.  Obviously, there are certain Goodwill shoppers who feel otherwise, because, as the sale clerk took the swim trucks and slashed the original price of $1.99 to $.50, she reminded me twice, "You will NOT be able to return the sale item." Then she proceeded to circle the item on the receipt and stamp it, FINAL SALE NO RETURN, in bright red ink.  

I looked at Owen and said, "I sure hope those swim trunks fit, because I don't think I can return them."