Freckle Friday: Snow Surprise

Last night, while Little Miss Thing was dancing her heart out, during halftime at a basketball game....

Mother Nature was giving us a little snow surprise outside. It probably wasn't a surprise to normal people who watch the news, but for Netflix streamers like us, the only weather we know about is the big storm, headed directly for the Ax Men region of the country, hell bent on ruining the entire logging industry.

I had Trevor pull over, in the middle of the snowy street, for this photo.
I LOVE it!
For those of you keeping track of our priorities...
Lovely photos #1
Safety #2

This was the view out my front door this fabulous Friday morning. 
Life is good.


  1. Pictures are fantastic. I love the lone evergreen in the last photo.

    1. Thanks. I have about 3,000 photos of that bit of land. Snow covered tree, sun rises, rainbows, full moons...I can step out on the porch and LOVE what I see almost all the time. Occasionally, there is a jackass whose lawn mower falls out of the back off his truck on the highway. He screams profanities and throws the mower back in the tailgateless truck bed. But because he's pissed & and idiot, he guns it up the highway, and the mower flies out again. More profanity, more lawnmower throwing, but much less throttle the 3rd time. One of the funniest things, we've ever witnessed, from the porch!

      How is Blair?


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