Winter Peonies

I love peonies.

The Compound has a couple of peony plants. They were given to Trevor & I, as anniversary gifts from Trevor's grandparents. It's a gift I thoroughly enjoy every single year. The deep colors & delicate petals combined with the most lovely scent, make them a spring time favorite. But unfortunately for peonies, they can't handle their own greatness. Under the pressure of their enormous blossoms, the stems droop and collapse. These poor plants cannot support their own amazingness. They need to be cut & contained to display their full floral pageantry.

Today as I spent some time outside with my camera, I noticed, for the first time, the beauty of peonies in the winter. Although, bare and brown have replaced soft and subtle, pride and strength seem to have replaced weak and overwhelmed. Most striking to me, was how this less eye-catching plant now seems to strut with confidence. The spiky head is now held high with honor. As much as I love spring peonies for their pleasing smell and fabulous appearance, I think, I love winter peonies even more for their strong spine.