Busy Week Update!

I'm hell bent on making this blog a priority in my routine, however, it remains one of the first things that gets shoved to the back burner in times of beautiful Wisconsin weather, my babies' birthdays, supporting school referendums, Julie Stephenson Photography shoots, field trip chaperoning, PreK subbing and parent group goal setting. I get so annoyed because when I neglect this part of my life, I'm neglecting the only part I have total control over. 

These are just a few of the distractions that kept me from blogging this week. 

Only 11 days left until the referendum vote & the school board election...things are starting to get crazy. 
I hope all the hard work pays off!  PLEASE...

Guess, what time it is? 

Time for Sophia to turn 7 years old, and time for me to tumble into a deep depression called How The Hell Did My Baby Turn 7 syndrome. I don't think it's too serious; the cupcakes will probably cure me. In case you are wondering about the ass-dimpling dumplings, Sophia wants those when her friends come over next week. I promise to have photos!

I went with Owen and the rest of his 4th grade class to the beautiful Wisconsin State Capitol building. After hearing one of his classmates make a racial slur about the President of the United States, I made a mental note to NEVER let Owen go to that kid's house again, ever, and to negatively judge his parents until the day I die. Not because of their politics, but because they're brain dead morons who make racial slurs in front of their 10 year old. 

Owen loved being at the capital. He & I both thought it was pretty cool that our State Representative, Howard Marklein took time with the kids. He led them into the assembly chamber and guided them through some of the details of the gorgeous room. 

Anyway, I want to take a disciplined approach with this blog, and in order to do so I'm challenging myself to the April AtoZ Challenge. 1 month, 26 posts, each relating to a letter of the alphabet. Theme & post ideas are up to the blogger so once again I could neglect this like I've done time & time before, but I linked below (#1186) and other linked bloggers may be checking in to see what I'm up too.  I don't want to let my blogging buddies down.

My theme is going to the a photo (or two) of the day starting April 1st with the letter A. I plan to use brand new photos for this challenge, even during our spring break vacation to Texas. Luckily, I have a stock pile of never before seen photos from the last few weeks so I hope to get those posts scheduled this weekend. I have one small favor to ask of you, my loyal readers...please comment! It reminds me there are real, live humans that actually care about this blog. Those reminders motivate me more than you know, please keep them coming!