Freckle Friday:: The Forgotten Fridays of 2012

Edited Monday, January 21st - If you don't "publish" the post readers won't be able to see it on the blog. This is a common mistake made be first time bloggers! Duh. 

These are the forgotten Freckle Friday photos that never made it to the blog during the end of last year.
Enjoy the randomness. Exciting stuff coming to the blog next week! 

Owen teaching Sophia how to spell O-HI-O
She looks thrilled 
Veteran's Day Program

Flag Football!
Fall Fun

shooting hoops 

she's the next big thing
skipping home from the bus
 homework in natural light
Daddy's girl

Clark W. Griswald visits our house

holiday program

Owen's artwork
Patches clings to life 
zamboni ride

snow day

SickChristmas Time

the great outdoors

All caught up.


  1. Sigh. I always love your photography. I think you should come shoot all my pics too. Just saying.

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