Not So Productive.

I have lots of work to get done early this week before I head east for a couple of days to attend the Wisconsin Association of School Board's State Convention in Milwaukee. I'm torn between really looking forward to the convention and dreading the hell out of it. Which is my typical sentiment when it comes to the school board. It's a love hate relationship. It's getting to be less hate all the time so I think I'm making progress. I will try to post more of my thoughts on school board as I work through the newness and become more confident with my role as a member.

Tomorrow I will be announcing an exciting new element to the blog - because today got completely away from me. And by 'away from me' I mean, I spent a lot of my time with the newest member of our family. Hours of comforting and entertaining Owen's new best friend, Buster. We sat with piles of blankets on top of us snuggling to warm each other after our frequent trips outside to deal with the arctic temperatures & a tiny puppy bladder. I forced enthusiasm with about 400 excited & foggy breathed 'go potties.' He forced enthusiasm with his tail a swingin' as he cautiously stepped across our frozen gravel driveway with his soft-padded paws. Together we faked liking the weather, but there was no need to force the affection. It's hard to not love something this crazy adorable... I think I found a new muse.