Introducing Local Lovelies.

It is a great joy to live in a place you love. Yes, I'm smitten with my cozy house, but also the wonderful little city of Mineral Point. Mineral Point has the most fabulous vibe - if you look for it.  

One can get up, go to work and come home and completely miss the loveliness of the local businesses or the local characters who make this area so special.  I know lots of people who have lived here for years who fail to see the greatness that waits around every corner. Recently I really began to understanding the power of local. I want to play a role in keeping Mineral Point vibrant by promoting the great things we have right here. 
Introducing From The Compound's Local Lovelies posts. Local Lovelies are new businesses are waiting to be discovered. Others are old business who have been promoting this "shop local" thing long before it was cool, or online businesses that need a way to share their creativity with the world. 

Local Lovelies is a beneficial venture that will offer area businesses a new way to market their products and services, From The Compound readers will have an opportunity to get product information & special online discounts, and I will be able to spend time doing what I love - telling stories with photos & building relationships in order to make Mineral Point even better than it is today. 

Speaking of today-It's a beautiful day here in southwest Wisconsin. The snow is falling, the schools are closed, and the Super Snacks for Super Kids fundraiser in Fond Du Lac has been postponed a week. 
It's a great day for wintery Wisconsin photos. I love taking my camera outside to capture these blustery days. Sled rides, snowman building and even puppies pooping all look better with a fresh new background of snow. 

This leads me to my first Local Lovelies post: Ann Gorgen Photography. Ann started her local business a few years ago after a friend asked her to try senior pictures.
"I did, reluctantly, with the understanding that if they suck I wouldn't be offended when they told me so. Well, that was the beginning!  I've long since traded in my point and shoot camera.  The rest.... as they say... is history." 
Ann has been taking beautiful photos of seniors, kids, families, head shots, and weddings ever since. Ann's amazing wedding photography is just one reason why Mineral Point is becoming a charming destination spot for couples looking for a unique wedding venue. Ann Gorgen Photography has been voted Iowa County's Favorite Photographer 2 years running and there seems to be no end in sight.

This photo of her gorgeous daughter, Lexie, has her itching to do more winter portraits during the snowy & cold off season here in Wisconsin. Lucky for you - you can hire Ann to brave the elements and take lovely photos of your family while you sit back and relax.  Contact Ann soon before the winter white backdrop melts away.

Ann Gorgen Photography is excited to offer 
$50 winter sessions 
15 minutes in the cold 
5-15 photos posted in your online gallery 
Order your favorites a la cart

Let me know what you think of Local Lovelies in the comment section! Don't forget to leave a footprint somewhere today.