Freckle Friday :: I Gotta Ask, "Why?"

It's been a busy week here in The Compound. Lots of puppy potty-clean-up & Wisconsin-winter-weather rescheduling. One of those weeks where you feel a bit pulled in every direction. Amid the daily nuttiness, I spent a lot of time reflecting on what I heard at the State School Board Convention last week. I reread and typed all of my notes in the hope that most of the knowledge with sink deep into an open space in my brain and make me a satisfied board member. One who is patient, thoughtful and synergistic, yet effective, accountable and tenacious....but most of all, happy. (Good Lord - I'm having a comma meltdown right now.) I want to be happy with my decision to spend time away from my kids and real life to be a school board member.  I want to be content not cynical. I want to be fulfilled not frustrated. I want to believe we are all in this together.

There were no scheduled board or committee meetings this week. So, lucky for me, I didn't formally have much school board work to do. This was what my 'easy' school board week looked like:

  1. Spent time reviewing convention notes, looking at handouts, & considering how I can present the information to other board members.
  2. Observed & participated in the MS/HS lunch process.
  3. Visited other districts websites as research for a policy I'm responsible for finishing by Wednesday.
  4. Chatted about take aways from the convention with another board member.
  5. Read & responded to emails.
  6. Followed two education-related Twitter chats.
  7. Listened to (and hopefully reassured) a frustrated community member.
  8. Wrote 3 school board related thank you notes.

I'm not writing about this for a pat on the back or to challenge other board members. I blog because it's how I deal with challenges that emerge in my life. I like to lay it all out on the table, examine the information, and get a feeling in my gut. Once I know the how or why - I try to release the negative, embrace the positive, and Let Go! I truly believe there's a good reason why I'm on this school board during this time & space, but I haven't quite figured it out yet. Blogging thoughts is part of my process as I try to wrap my head around why I became a school board member and how my time on the board is going to be spent. Safe bet this will not be my last school board related post...

Speaking of wrapping heads around things: It's FRECKLE FRIDAY & my goofy kids used the iPad to make about 200 crazy head wrapping photos. We all pretty much laugh the whole time they create these creepy gems! I think it's obvious why...

Do you like my new school board head shot? I'm thinking this will help achieve my "One Term & Done" goal. What do you think?