Freckle Friday - Time Well Spent

This week has left me inspired to look at the big picture more often. No matter how busy life at The Compound is or how much I worry about the little things in my head, I'm just one little person in a great big world. We have very little time here on earth and even less control - so if we spend all our precious moments freaking out about the little stuff it will all be for nothing.

The puppy still pees, the snow still falls, and the sun still rises. I don't need to shoulder all the burden because it's not mine. I must focus on my intentions and actions then LET GO, because the rest is out of my hands.

This week was full of things. Emails, dog urine, board & committee meetings, photo shoots, school tours, book pick-ups, fundraisers, travel, and lots of precipitation. When I quickly summarize my days with 'things' they just seems like periods of wasted time. It's only when I see those days through a human lens that I realize my time is being well spent. So let's try this again....my week was full of:

New babies & big sisters

William Wallace & Hanky Bo Banky
A snappy dresser & BustaRhymes

Busy middle school students 

Creative high school students

Dedicated & hard-working teachers

Excited elementary students

Tireless volunteers and committed parents 

Friends new & old who I can laugh with at magazines photo shoots, when someone says "Tutoring" 18 times too many, and when we recall a hilarious yeast infection story...I mean really aren't all yeast infection stories hilarious? 

Winter walks

The week's highlight was hearing yesterday that over 100 leaders from 3 area counties representing a variety of different agencies came to one major conclusion after months of planning, surveying, and analyzing - if we want to our organizations, companies or communities to flourish the key is developing trusting relationships & networks with other people. 

Just hearing those words made things full circle for me. The power of relationships is one of the few things I've come to know as an absolute truth in the last few years, and I've been repeating that gospel to anyone who will listen. I firmly believe my purpose in life is to help other people and organizations, who are ready to understand & implement that truth, be successful.

Now the work begins.
"What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters compared to what lives within us."
Henry David Thoreau