Why I Love It Here.

I love Mineral Point. Just outside of The Compound is the lovely little city that I adore. I sometimes wonder if it's even natural be this fond of a city - especially one in rural Wisconsin. I mean it makes sense to rant and rave about beautiful places like Paris or Rome, but Mineral Point? Come on, Julie - get over it.

No. I won't. I absolutely love it. Not because it's completely prefect. It has it's run down buildings and tacky houses. There is dog poop in the park and gossip in the shops. There are names that seem to hold more weight than others, and off-base opinions that are shared as truths. 

Yes, these unflattering attributes make Mineral Point seem like every other small city in America. But when you push all that aside you start to see the faces. The most interesting people with the interesting stories. That's right, it's actually the people in Mineral Point, not the city itself, that make me all aflutter. Especially the people who are willing to put themselves out there. People who run for offices, open businesses, volunteer for committees, believe in compassion vs. competition, contribute to something they don't directly benefit from, and listen for the sole purpose of learning. 

These people are the reason I love Mineral Point. The relationships I've built in Mineral Point make it easy to overlook the poop on my shoe or the insulting email directed at certain member of the school board. These minor withdrawals are quickly made whole again when I contribute photos to High Street Beat, participate in events like the Brain Games, or work with the staff & customers at Mitchell's. Interacting with unique citizens allows me to bank major LOVE deposits. Love deposits? Sound like it could be some kind of code for you know what.

So look, Mineral Point, you're great, but my heart goes pitter-patter for the people who live in the city just outside of The Compound. It's not You...it's THEM.