Things 36 Year Olds Know...

1. Homemade rhubarb pie with ice cream is by far better than most birthday cake. Especially when Sophia jams 9 mismatched candles into each piece of pie.

2. Dogs are gross a-holes that eat new flip-flops, don't listen worth a shit and drive me freakin' crazy, but damn they are cute as hell.

 3. Watching your parents struggle with the consequences of a lifetime of bad choices is painful. Realizing I repeatedly make some of those very same choices is frightening.

4. I am lucky every single day to be living in this beautiful place.

5. Leadership starts with the stories, and the stories start with vulnerability.

6. It's never too late to just let go and become who we are supposed to become. 

7. Lifelong learning is the only goal. 

8. Your time is no more valuable than anyone elses! When you act like it is, you're acting like a dick. 

9. Being fully present allows you to see the amazing details.