Stephenson Shenanigans

Finally, the Stephensons are back on the blog! I have recently neglected this blog for another. I am training for the MadCity Half Marathon which on its own takes up precious time, but also I've been blogging about my workouts. In one month I will have finished 13.26 miles if all goes as planned. Read about this insanity on the other blog if you so choose.

As for my family, things are just fine. The kids are doing great. Owen turned 6 and Sophia turned 3 in March. Their birthday month is a lot of fun. Usually the weather is nice, but this year the weather has been anytime but nice. They are predicting light snow for tomorrow...someone please tell Mother Nature it is almost May!

Owen is almost done with Kindergarten. He has had a good year, and is still choosing to go to the summer enrichment program for like the whole month of July. Hopefully, he keeps this I like school attitude always. He has been shed hunting, bug collecting, bow shooting and golfing lately-when the weather cooperates. He is a busy boy, and still I hear the words "I'm Bored" a little too often. Today at Owen's science fair, when a 1st grade teacher asked him "How he caught that huge dragonfly?" He went on to tell her about when he and his Dad SHOT IT OUT OF THE SKY WITH A 12 GAUGE AND HAD TO GLUE THE WINGS BACK ON!!!!!!!! Nice. That is some nature loving if I'd ever heard it.

Sophia is a MOM. These are words we hear 200 times daily-I swear. If you say she's cute or tired or sassy or hungry...she replies "No, I'm a MOM". She can change a diaper in two seconds flat and holds the back of her dolls head just like a brand new baby. Recently, we've even had to strap the baby in the car seat before we can drive the car. Safety first, for dolls in the Focus! She got a cute new haircut, and speaking of hair her babysitter Debi told me last week that Sophia was turning her hair gray! That sounds about right!

As for the rest of the family, I have a nephew on the way, 2 brothers engaged, a sister moving to Texas, a father that is off the grid (in more than one way) and my mother, is more than ever, the tail losing character from Winnie the Pooh!

So until next time here are some pictures from the last few months.