Freckle Friday-Holy Crap It Is The End of July Already Edition

I cannot believe that it is the last day of July! Where did the summer go? Well let's think, College for Kids, Swimming Lessons, Baseball Camp, Playgroup, New Orleans, Coachball, Golfing, Playing at the Pond...

We decided to take advantage of the cool weather recently and started splitting and stacking wood. This night the kids were being extra "helpful". Trevor got hot and took his shirt off so the kids follow right along. I chose to just take pictures of them instead of taking my shirt off. So here are some photos of the topless fun the two goof balls were having.

I love seeing the kids laugh TOGETHER like this. It's so rare and miraculous!

Owen is once again being extra sweet to his sister. Shocking since for this one he didn't know I was watching.

Below they are imitating a video that Jason Mraz did about yoga...Owen thought it was amazing. So of course he kept it up all night. Check it out for yourself -YOOOGA. Then try to tell me Jason Mraz is not the greatest...only a cool guy can be this kind of goof ball funny.