Freckle Friday-Good Friends & Good Times Edition

Here is Freckle Friday. I got it ready on Friday and saved it instead of publishing it! Sorry...I am sure you were all wondering what was going on...right???

Today we are hanging with friends at the pond. The rain is going to be a bit of an issue, but I am sure the kids will play just fine in the house. Maybe I will post some pictures of the gathering next Friday.

Tomorrow morning, I am having breakfast with my pals...finally I feel like we haven't hung out for a really long time. We always have a good time. Then in the evening I am going out to dinner with my good friend Mufkins for her 40th birthday. Probably will have some cocktails so again it should be a good time. This weekend should be full of fun, laughing and an over consumption of food and drink...that pretty much sums up a weekend with my friends!

I took this picture of Owen a week or so ago and I love it! His freckles are so cute. In less than a month this boy starts 2nd grade. How did that happen?

I took this photo this morning. All morning she has been stirring and preparing the "food" for the baby. She will be such a good mom some day. In less than a month this girl will be going to 4 year old kindergarten. Again, how did that happen?

Notice how she's mastered the baby propping technique that her Grandma Shirley made famous about 32 years ago. I think she is ready to start throwing pancakes at her baby.

Have fun with some friends this weekend.