Happy Halloween from The Compound (a.k.a Trump Plaza)

We carved pumpkins the other night.  It was pretty fun.  Owen was into it, Sophia not so much.  She and Jackson just played and ran around like wild animals.  

Look at the size if the pumpkin stem Owen is holding on to.  The pumpkin is crazy!  Sophia's class won it on their Pumpkin Patch field trip.  Luckily, we are friends with Mrs. Buschington.  We are going to save the seeds from that HUGE pumpkin to grow some huge pumpkins of our own next year.  


Sophia and Owen both just figured out how to do this whole finger mask thing. I am a little disappointed I even got them costumes.  Next year they are going to walk from house to house doing this all night.  That'll teach them for learning a new trick.

The next two pictures were taken outside yesterday. The winds here were insane.  I was concerned Sophia was going to blow away.

This is a picture of Owen resembling Donald Trump.  He had a pretty sweet wind induced comb over. 

Have fun trick or treating. Be safe.