Freckle Friday-Homeschooling at the Compound Edition...!*!!***CONTEST!!**!*!*

I am thinking about homeschooling Sophia.  She seems a little unhappy with her preschool teacher.  She is constantly being left on the playground, so I'm also more than a little unhappy with her preschool teacher.

I think that she'd be in better hands if we sent her to The Joe Francis' School for Girls.

I decided to give this homeschooling thing a shot. I mean how hard call it be??  Today was our trial run since Sophia didn't have to go to Mrs. Busch classroom...thankfully...since like I mentioned, it is an unsafe place to be!  I think we did pretty good.

Sophia is a really dedicated student.  She was already working on her spelling words when I came into the office this morning.  Check it out...she totally gets the whole practice makes perfect thing.  This is one word she will never spell wrong on those important papers like job resumes, dissertations, and thank you notes.

Sophia is also such a good mommy already that I think it is important to get her familiar with the ways of being a wife and mother.  So at lunch time I told her she needed to make lunch.  All of us here at The Compound know how important life skills are for raising independent girls.  

Once again, she proved to be an overachiever.  I bet there are grown men that prepare for weeks and weeks and end up using beer and whiskey to numb the pain of not being able to provide this kind of meal for their families.

I don't know about you, but I think that our first attempt at Homeschooling was a giant success!  I think I will be giving Mrs. Busch a call first thing Monday to give her the bad news.

Have a great weekend; the weather should be great.


P.S.  There are a few half truths in this post.  If you are the first to comment revealing the biggest lie on the page I will be sending you some adorable little girl barrettes (similar to these).  Made by the horrible Mrs. Busch herself.  A very cute stocking stuffer for Christmas.