10 on 10: Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous Edition

Remember Robin Leach & Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous? I couldn't remember his name until I googled it, but I could always hear his annoying voice signing off with "champagne wishes & caviar dreams." When I closed my eyes to try to remember the show, I would always hear his voice say the famous closing, but I visualized a episode of CRIBS with a basketball star and his garages full of undriven cars or a rock superstar with his bedrooms full of over-ridden women. 

Anyway, I've had champagne wishes & caviar dreams in my head for a couple of weeks since received one of the most memorable New Year's gift ever...A Lobster Gram!

 Now the story behind the gift is too long to get into but here's the gist: two really sweet people thought our family might enjoy receiving 2 live lobsters and all the ingredients for a fresh New England style meal. They were right - we loved it! Unfortunately, the lobsters arrived as we were heading out the door to the ultra-fab Pizza Hut for a little dinner with Owen's friend Cameron who recently moved to California. He was back for the holidays and wanted to hang out with his pals back here in Wisconsin. Although I'm not sure why...these boys are like a pack of wild animals when they are together! 

We decided we'd cook the lobsters when we got home and have a lobster lunch the next day. It was fun to watch the kids thoroughly examine the prehistoric looking creatures.  Although they were extremely gentle, their lack of confidence in handling crustaceans, led to one lobster heading to the stockpot a couple of minutes post live. 

We were all fascinated by the fresh to cooked color change.

After uttering "lobster lunch" on December 28th, I've been thinking "lobster lunches & caviar dreams" in my head (in Robin Leach's voice) every day around noon. Sometimes I even say out loud "Jeeves, I'm getting a bit hungry. Perhaps a lobster lunch before you go polish the Bentley?" I'm very sophisticated you know. 
Later when I'm eating bear sausage with cheese & crackers for lunch as I drive my Dodge Ram to Goodwill, I'm reminded that I'm about a sophisticated as Larry the Cable Guy's pregnant teenage sister.

Whatever....because I have photographic evidence of our fancy lobster lunch-where my lovely daughter is wearing camo & licking the lobster ravioli sauce off her fingers and where my son is wearing his blaze orange long underwear because he'd just got home from hunting pheasants with his dad...the plumber. 
Stay classy, Compound!