Hello, Wisconsin!

Weather in Mineral Point, Wisconsin today: 38 degrees with clear & sunny skies. 
The gorgeous weather coaxed me into taking a walk on lovely High Street this afternoon. I cheerfully greeted everyone I met on the sidewalk with, "Hi. Beautiful day huh?" Everyone other stroller was equally as thrilled with the weather. It wasn't until I got home and started getting ready for dinner that I realized how crazy it is that we are giddy about 38 degrees....

our refrigerator is set only 2 degrees colder than the temps outside right now!
You know you are hard core Wisconsinites when you are happy about living in an Sub Zero. 

But really it was an amazing day. I even went back out to spent some time with the kids right after school. We soaked up the January sun & celebrated the wonderful sight of grass peeking through the thick white carpet of snow.