My Favorite Things - The Barn Board Box

I used to love Oprah. I DVRed her show. I subscribed to her magazine. I even lost a bunch of weight and gained it all back just to emulate her. Some of my friends and siblings thought she was a
pompous poser and hated when I'd start prattling on about what I recently read in O or what I heard on her show that was (momentarily) life-changing. I waved my 'Oprah Is Amazing' flag for years. I thought, and still believe, she's an all around good person who wants to share her life-experiences with the rest of the world in the hopes of making life better or easier for those watching, listening or reading. Sounds familiar.

My affection for Oprah petered out over the years. I stopped DVRing her show long before she left network t.v. to start OWN and I stopped subscribing to her magazine just after she finally let someone else be featured on the cover. Hmmm...I wonder why people thought she was a
pompous poser?! 

I don't really miss the magazine's nuggets of wisdom or the Oprah Show's sickening adorable banter between the host and her BFF Gayle. That said, I kind of miss the Oprah's Favorite Things extravaganza. I love hearing about the interesting & over-priced items Oprah was raving about to the masses of middle class women watching from home. I found the whole episode entertaining. By entertaining I mean completely out of touch with my reality on every level! 

So I decided, 'cause I'm a pompous poser, to do my own favorite things post. I'm dying for millions tens of middle aged, middle class women to be sitting at home wishing they had my loot. I want to be coveted for my Goodwill finds, and upcycled Christmas gifts. Actually I just want to share things I love. Which is probably exactly what Oprah wanted to do.  Man, we are like soul sisters...I wonder how long until Tyler Perry sends me a Rolls Royce for Christmas?

My aunt Paula made all of her nieces & nephews adorable little barn board boxes. The lumber was taken from a fallen barn on a farm that, until recently, had been in the Stauffacher family for many years. These boxes are a lovely and useful reminder of the memories and people who made Ferndale Road such a special place.  I cherish it!

If you are interested in more information about the barn board boxes email me